Design/Spec. Work

Race Day Is Sacred

Marketing campaign for Road Runner Sports dedicated to a small group of customers that pursued lfotier goals through racing. Inted

We believe in competition and the meritocracy of racing. Not because winning and losing are particularly important, but because competition sends us on an innately human journey.

The profound physical and mental demands of racing lead to a richer and more thrilling life. They make us better human beings.

Racing is the ultimate expression of a runner’s faith. Toeing the line tests our belief - in the work we’ve done, in the speed of our legs, in the toughness of our minds.

But you get nothing by dipping your toe in. Just showing up to a race is a fancy (and usually expensive) workout. It doesn’t connect you to the legacy of the sport or add to the community.

To truly reap the rewards of racing, there’s a physical requirement: race fitness. To be fit enough to put in an actual performance - to really race and push yourself and others - takes a commitment to training.

Training doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We push our limits in workouts because we know that the race will test them even more.

The journey of this lifestyle creates amazing memories, introduces you to amazing people and gives you the gift of racing with personal stakes - the prospect of winning and losing.

It’s this shared experience of pushing our individual limits that brings us together as a community with a shared culture.

  • Client: Road Runner Sports
  • Date: 02/2019
  • Service: Design, Doodling